Conference abstracts

Session S11 - Representations of Algebras

July 25, 16:00 ~ 16:50

Split $t$-structures and torsion pairs in hereditary categories

Sonia Trepode

Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina   -

We give necessary and sufficient conditions for torsion pairs in a hereditary category to be in bijection with $t$-structures in the bounded derived category of that hereditary category. We prove that the existence of a split $t$-structure with nontrivial heart in a semiconnected Krull-Schmidt category implies that this category is equivalent to the derived category of a hereditary category. We construct a bijection between split torsion pairs in the module category of a tilted algebra having a complete slice in the preinjective component with corresponding $t$-structures. Finally, we classify split $t$-structures in the derived category of a hereditary algebra.

Joint work with Ibrahim Assem (Universidad de Sherbrooke, Canadá) and María José Souto Salorio (Universidad de la Coruña, España).

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