Conference abstracts

Plenary talk

July 28, 10:30 ~ 11:20

$A_{\infty}$-algebras in representation theory and homological algebra

Estanislao Herscovich

Université Grenoble Alpes - Universidad de Buenos Aires - CONICET, France - Argentina   -

In this talk I will recall the basic theory of $A_{\infty}$-algebras, which were introduced by J. Stasheff in 1963. Even though they appeared within the realm of algebraic topology, I will present several examples of their use in representation theory and in homological algebra. In particular, in the last part of the talk I will show that the torsion theory of $A_{\infty}$-algebras naturally allows to compute the cup and cap products on Hochschild cohomology and homology of any nonnegatively graded connected algebra, respectively.

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